Parenting the extreme teen workshop series

Essential Information for Parents of Teens


A series of 3 workshops to help parents with both common teen anxieties, and more extreme teen issues such as substance use, self harm, truancy, and mental health issues. In these workshops Tara McGee and Liz van Ryn will teach you a new way to think about teen problems that will help you respond rather than react to your teen. We will help you figure out how to influence rather than to control, improve your relationship with your teen, and increase the respect that your teen has for you.


When:  The series is offered at your convenience -- just make an appointment for the first session and we will take it from there. We can handle up to 15 participants so if you have a group let me know.

Cost:  $120 per session for one or two people, $30 per session per additional person.


For up to 6 people:  9450 County Road 9, Creemore, ON

For 7 or more people:  74 Hurontario Street, Collingwood, ON

Please call to book if you have a group larger than 6.


Liz Van Ryn 705 351 1285 

Tara McGee 705 888 7731 

To register go to